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Date Abstract
Linux GPLv3 25-Jan-11 UDPC stands for "User Datagram Protocol Console". This is a Linux console based on UDP and UDP-lite protocols to get the kernel messages remotely. This is useful for administrating or debugging the Linux kernel.
ROOF Linux

03-Aug-10 ROOF stands for "Remote Operations On Files". This is a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client and an API which can be used by any program needing FTP interactions with a remote server. The package also provides the following tools:
  • FTPFS based on ROOF and FUSE to mount a remote host in order to make it appear as a local file system;
  • FTPING based on ROOF to check the availability of a remote FTP server (kind of PING program but at FTP protocol level instead of ICMP).
CMDLINE Linux LGPLv3 01-Aug-10 CMDLINE is a command line manager API. It is a simple and light alternative to GNU readline.
PDIP Linux GPLv3
31-Aug-10 PDIP stands for "Programmed Dialogue with Interactive Programs". This is an expect-like tool designed to automate the execution of programs which normally need human intervention.
GPLv3 12-Mar-09
Windows utility to translate an Archos player (e.g. 504 serie) playlist modified through Windows Media Player back to Archos playlist format.


Name Date Abstract
FTPD in inetutils-1.8
When we set the debug option --debug on the command line of the FTP server (FTPD), it crashes upon incoming connections.
ls command in busybox-1.17.2
05-Nov-10 The "-g" option of the "ls" command of BusyBox is not compliant with the manual
FTPD in inetutils-1.6
When HAVE_MMAP is not defined in inetutils-1.6, the RETR commands from the FTP client ends with the sending of files with a size of 0 bytes from FTPD server.

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