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Author: R. Koucha
Last update: 31-Mar-2008

Screen capture


About the author


There are multiple ways to capture the screen. This paper discusses a command line based method.

1. Window capture

+ Put the window on top
+ Capture the window:

$ xwd -out window.xwd

+ Click on the window to capture

2. Translate the file from xwd format into PNM

$ xwdtopnm window.xwd > window.pnm
xwdtopnm: writing PPM file

3. Translate the PNM file into numerous formats thanks to the  "pnmto..." tools. Use shell auto completion to list them:

$ pnmto<TAB>
pnmtoddif     pnmtojpeg     pnmtopng      pnmtorle      pnmtotiff
pnmtofiasco   pnmtopalm     pnmtops       pnmtosgi      pnmtotiffcmyk
pnmtofits     pnmtoplainpnm pnmtorast     pnmtosir      pnmtoxwd

$ pnmtopng window.pnm > window.png

About the author

The author is an engineer in computer sciences located in France. He can be contacted here or you can have a look at his WEB home page.

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