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Technical corner

This page provides technical articles related to computer sciences and telecom. Some of them have been published in GNU Linux Magazine France.


Title Date Abstract
Whirlwind tour of cmake 29-Jan-11 Empirical approach to cmake through examples of applications.
Design of an API for FTP clients
02-Jan-09 This is an introduction to the FTP protocol along with the description of the source code of the FTP client API ROOF.
Using pseudo-terminals to control interactive programs
16-Apr-14 How to use pseudo-terminals (pty) to control interactive programs. This is an introduction to PDIP.
Making and managing shared objects in GNU/Linux environment 31-Mar-08 Tip to generate shared libraries correctly in order to ensure that static constructors and destructors will be called.
Linked lists in the Linux kernel 31-Mar-08 Non exhaustive presentation of the list manipulation services in the Linux kernel.
Hard links to save space on file systems 06-Apr-08 How to save (RAM)disk space and enhance the file system accesses by using hard links instead of symbolic links.


Title Date Abstract
Thread's stack memory consumption
The implicit virtual memory consumption when a process  creates and terminates threads.
The GCC nonnull attribute and compiler optimizations
The impacts of the compiler optimizations when the GCC nonnull attribute is used.
How to make executable shared libraries
How to make shared libraries become executable programs.
Why a thread creation could fail ?
28-Apr-11 The pthread_create() service from the pthread (NPTL) library, may fail returning the ENOMEM or EAGAIN error. This papers focuses on the reason why this could happen and how to solve the problem.
Is inet_ntoa() reentrant ?
31-May-10 How to use inet_ntoa() in a reentrant and MT-safe way.
Ubuntu: How to support AMR with ffmpeg and ffplay
04-Apr-11 Tip to make ffmpeg and ffplay manage video files with AMR audio stream.
How to use printf() efficiently
01-Jan-09 Tip to use the C library printf() function efficiently.
Ubuntu: How to get rid of useless kernels 31-Mar-08 Recipe to uninstall old kernel versions to save disk space on an Ubuntu distribution.
Ubuntu: How to make and install a new kernel 31-Mar-08 Recipe to build and install a kernel on an Ubuntu distribution.
Screen capture 31-Mar-08 Recipe to make some screen captures under KDE.

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